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LightStim LED Treatment


LightStim LED Treatment with Hydro Jelly Mask


Hydro Jelly Mask


LightStim LED Light Therapy:

A soothing, natural and non-invasive treatment that promotes skin wellness and peak physiological function by utilizing the power of LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology. LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. LightStim® emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells and is FDA cleared to relieve muscle, joint, and arthritic pain, decrease inflammation, increase local blood circulation, and LightStim harnesses the power of light to rejuvenate your skin naturally. The advanced LED facial combines multiple wavelengths of LED light to improve various skin issues, including wrinkles and acne. It is the first of its kind to receive over the counter FDA clearance.

The 20-minute treatment is entirely non-invasive. There is no pain or downtime. Thus, LightStim is especially suited for people wanting to rejuvenate their skin without chemicals, lasers, or surgical interventions.

This treatment is beneficial to your skin post wax to reduce redness, inflammation and combat bacteria to prevent ingrown hair and breakouts.

Benefits of LED Therapy for Skin:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improve acne
  • Rejuvenates skin naturally
  • Improves tone and texture
  • Leave skin with a healthy glow
  • No lasers, chemicals, or scalpels
  • No pain or downtime
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Synergizes with other treatments + products
  • Soothing + calming LightStim for Acne:
  • The LightStim ProPanel Acne Light is excellent at combating active acne and preventing future breakouts. It combines both Red (630 nm), and Blue (415 nm) LED light.
  • Scientific research shows the combination of red and blue wavelengths creates a synergistic effect for reducing acne. Blue light provides a micro-bacterial effect, killing the surface bacteria that cause acne. It also inhibits overactive oil glands from producing too much sebum (the oil that causes acne.) This helps prevent breakouts.
  • When combined, blue and red light has a cumulative effect, reducing redness and inflammation associated with active acne.

Hydrojelly Mask:

A Hydrojelly™ mask is a “jelly-like” mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning, toning skin, and reducing inflammation.

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