Our Preferred Vendor

Neighborhood Bark & Boutique

“Our goal is to bring the dog community together, and with our local dog vendors & talented artists, our vision came together superbly.” – Bark & Boutique


Introducing our preferred vendor: Neighborhood Bark & Boutique

The ultimate haven for pups and their humans alike! As a passionate dog lover, our clients frequently bring their furry companions to our establishment, where Coco reigns supreme as our beloved resident pup. With wagging tails and barks of approval, it’s clear that Neighborhood Bark & Boutique is Coco and Benny’s top choice hangout spot in Safety Harbor. From premium pet supplies to a welcoming atmosphere, they provide everything a four-legged friend could desire, making them an essential partner in our mission to pamper and delight both our human and canine clientele.

Safety Harbor’s Off-Leash Dog Bar! Perfect For Events!

Joanne Reed