Our Preferred Vendor

Evolved Marketing

“With Evolved, you get top-notch marketing, technology and results to help you grow and evolve your business.”


We proudly recommend Evolved Marketing. With years of collaboration under our belt, Evolved Marketing has consistently demonstrated their unmatched expertise and dedication to our brand’s growth. With Evolved Marketing by our side, we’re confident in our ability to thrive in a competitive market, forging ahead with creativity, confidence, and a shared vision for excellence.

Core Values


Clear insights into our actions and their tangible benefits to you.

Work Ethic

While others might boast size, strength, and resources, none can match our relentless determination and work ethic.

Customer Service

You are the priority, not our bottom line.

Meet Owner & CEO

Ethan Novitsky

“Our Mission is to help small and local businesses grow their client base and revenue by giving them clarity and control of their digital marketing and systematically enhancing  their online presence and customer journey.”

Joanne Reed